Nutrition - Healthy Students & Adults

Healthy Snacks & Birthday/Class parties


  • We adhere to the ABC Unified School District Wellness Policy, the Federal Child Nutrition Act and California recommendations for healthy habits.
  • Parents must consider the nutritional value of snacks and drinks sent to school for our students.
  • We encourage students to make wise choices for snacks (fruit, water, healthy crackers, cheese) so that they develop good habits early in life.


BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS and CLASS PARTIES:  We are always protective of your child’s learning time and health.  

  • Celebrations will only be allowed either during the last 10 minutes of the instructional day or during the students’ lunch time (after they finish their lunch).  
  • Parents must make prior arrangements with the classroom teacher if they wish to celebrate their child’s birthday at school. 
  • If your child is in Grades K-3, we need your help with the celebration. 


  • High fat and sugary treats (sodas, cupcakes, chips) are not allowed.  Your child will be asked to take these items home at the end of the school day if brought to school. 
  • All treats for any celebration must be store-bought.   Parents need to check about any potential food allergies that may be in your child’s class such as peanuts, eggs, wheat, etc. with your child’s teacher.


Healthier Treats that are acceptable at school:   Fresh fruit, fruit salad, dried fruit, 100% fruit snacks, vegetable trays with low-fat dip, whole-grain crackers with cheese cubes, string cheese, pretzels, low-fat popcorn, graham crackers and animal crackers, low-fat pudding, low-fat yogurt, squeezable yogurt, granola bars,  trail/cereal mix (whole-grain, low-sugar cereals mixed with dried fruit, pretzels, etc.)  *Check for food allergies before serving.


NON-FOOD WAYS TO CELEBRATE BIRTHDAYS AT SCHOOL:  Below are some suggestions you may consider instead of celebrating your child’s birthday with food: 


  • Send party favors in a baggy for the class.   Students can have the last 10 min. of the day to celebrate with the birthday boy/girl.


  • Buy a classroom game (such as bingo) and the whole class enjoys playing it thanks to the birthday boy/girl during the last 10 min. of the day. 


  • Bring music and join the class for the last 10 min. for a Dance Party.


  • Bring in something that all his classmates can sign as a birthday treat (t-shirt, sweatshirt, tote bag, stuffed animal, pillow case, etc.)


  • Donate a book to the classroom or to the library.  We’ll have labels that will state that this was donated in honor of your son or daughter’s birthday.
  • Make arrangements with your child’s teacher and prepare an “art project” for the class to participate in.  (This would probably take more than the 10 min. allowed for the celebration and proper preparations must be made with the teacher.)   


  • Donate P.E. equipment, such as Frisbees or jump ropes that would be used for morning

        fitness or during recess.