School Information

  • Venn W. Furgeson Elementary is a Title I school located in the City of Hawaiian Gardens, California
  • Grades:  Transitional Kindergarten - Sixth Grade
  • Our enrollment is about 420 students
  • We offer two instructional programs:  English Instruction and Dual Language Immersion Program  
  • The Furgeson staff is a Professional Learning Community. We believe collaboration is key to success.  Our teaching staff meets weekly to discuss student progress, best practices, and to create SMART Goals to ensure all our students are successful and showing growth.
  • We encourage and value parent and community participation Together we can do more!



  • ABCUSD Magnet School since 1998
  • Focus:  Communication & Technology - Broadcasting
  • Our students enhance their reading, writing, speaking and collaboration skills through their participation in our Furgeson Video Magazine. 
  • Showcases:  school and community news, reports on all special events, and public service announcements.  


If you are interested in visiting our school and classrooms, please give us a call, we'll be glad to give you a tour.  Please call ahead to schedule your visit at (562) 229-7855.