Traffic Procedures


The safety of our students is our priority and your help is vital.  The following guidelines will be strictly enforced by our entire staff.  Please review each one carefully and do not be offended when asked to comply. 




  • The parking lot is only for District and Furgeson Staff vehicles.
  • Students/Parents are not to use parking lot as a walkway.  Kindly use the sidewalk.
  • Do not block main parking lot entrance at any time. 
  • Do not park in the handicap spaces without proper identification.  (Towing at own expense) 



  • Students are to remain on sidewalks and cross the street only at the crosswalk.
  • Students are to obey all instructions from crossing guards. - (Guards are provided by the City of Hawaiian Gardens).
  • Only buses are allowed to park at the curb (marked in red) in front of the school.
  • Students must arrive and leave in a safe and orderly manner: walking, keeping hands to self, etc.



  • Observing legal speed limits:  25 MPH around the school and 5 mph in the parking lots.
  • Not making U-turns in the front of the school or on the streets around the school.
  • Using the crosswalks and not cutting through the parking lot when walking with your child.
  • Not allowing or asking your child to run across the street to your waiting car or from your car to school. Students are always instructed to cross at the crosswalks.
  • Not parking in any of the “no-parking” zones to drop off or take on passengers nor leaving your car unattended to go on campus.
  • Refraining from blocking private driveways. (Please respect private property).   




  • Be on time to pick up your child and be aware of early dismissals (Wednesdays):                            TK/K 1:22     1st -6th 1:32 
  • Do not enter the school grounds without prior authorization, including the Kindergarten playground and the A-Center.
  • Make prior arrangements with your children on which gate they should exit to meet you: 223rd or 221st Gates.
  • Make arrangements if your children must meet older siblings/relatives in a central location to walk home (for example, lunch benches). 



  • Teachers walk 1st – 6th Gr. students to the blacktop area at dismissal time.
  • Students participating in the EXTRA Program walk to assigned rooms. 
  • All others may exit through the 223rd or the 221st  Gates, meet/pick up siblings, etc. 
  • TK & Kindergarten teachers dismiss students to an adult through the State Pre-School Gate. Students who are left behind are brought to the office. 
  • If late pick up becomes an issue, a parent meeting will be scheduled with the principal and teacher to address this matter.