Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA)

All students have the opportunity to participate in a diverse range of visual and performing arts, including dance, digital arts, and visual arts, throughout the year. Encouraging creativity and fostering an appreciation for the arts is essential for providing students with a well-rounded education, which exposes them to new ideas and perspectives.
Visual Arts
Digital Media Arts
What we hope to see and accomplish
  1. Explore
    1. We hope to explore different types of digital art in this class. Rather than stick to a core subject, we explore different arts so students can get an idea of what type of art they like. We explore this digital field by doing drawing, animation, and music.
  2. Design
    1. We hope to explore each different art by first seeing how the platform works, and design things that build a foundational knowledge. This foundational knowledge helps us express the natural creativity that students have.
  3. Collab
    1. We hope to see collaboration, sharing, and build students who can act as pillars of the art community. These students are the ones that can support others in understanding, and developing artistic skills.
  4. Ecosystem
    1. We hope to create an ecosystem of DIgital Media Artists. We hope to have students that like a certain type of digital art, so we can help them to excel in their craft. They can then collaborate with other digital artists to create their own Art House/Art Team/ Art Productions
Take a look into the creativity of Furgeson Elementary 
Highlights by Mr. Diaz
6th Grade Larrea by Mr. Diaz
Frausto by Mr. Diaz
Young Class by Mr. Diaz
Rojas Class by Mr. Diaz